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Mdina - The Silent City

The huge walls around the city and the impressive entrance is what gives you an overwhelming first impression when visiting Mdina. The city is located on a large hill in the middle of Malta which makes it looks like a magical kingdom. Mdina represents a mix of Baroque and Norman architecture and knows historical and archaeological places. The city is also known as the Silent City because they only have a population of around 250 people and no cars (except from some residents) are allowed to enter. Mdina is nowadays one of Malta’s major attractions.

Historical Mdina

The city has a history which goes 7000 years back in time. The remains in Mdina can confirm this; the several palaces, the narrow streets, the gates and the city walls. Mdina was the Capital City of Malta until in 1530 the knights of Malta arrived.

The city has also historical sites like catacombs, the St. Paul’s Grotto, monasteries and churches. The most popular church is the St. Paul’s Cathedral which stands in the main square of the city, this a Roman Catholic cathedral founded in the 12th century. All the buildings in Mdina have their own charm and contribute to the timeless atmosphere. 

Things to do in Mdina

Mdina is built on one of the highest points of Malta which makes this a beautiful place to watch the sunset with beautiful views of the whole island. After dark, the narrow streets of Mdina are lightened with lanterns and the restaurants, bars and terraces are open for the ultimate experience at night. It is possible to visit Mdina Dungeon which shows all the horrifying history of the city and the rest of Malta, with happenings like the witchcraft. The national Museum of Natural History is located in Palazzo Vilhena, an old palace of Mdina. This museum gives an overview of the ecosystem (underwater and on ground) in Malta.

The most characteristic building in Mdina is the main entrance, also called the Mdina Gate. The Gate is rebuilt in Baroque style in 1724 because of renovations of the whole city and it is now scheduled as an important national monument. The Mdina Gate was also used in the first season of the popular television series Game of Thrones, as the King’s Landing Gate.

Holiday in Mdina

Would you like to have romantic walks in the narrow streets and dine in the delicious restaurants? Or enjoying the silence, the history and the beautiful views of this magical city? It is possible, you can book your hotel in Mdina with MaltaHotelKnights!