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Mellieha - The beachy side of Malta

Looking for a holiday near the most beautiful sandy beaches of Malta? Go to Mellieha! Mellieha is located in the northern of Malta and is mostly known by its sandy beaches and bays. Even though, there are also many other activities to do.

Things to do in Mellieha

One of the major tourist attractions in Mellieħa is Popeye village. This film set gives you the change to walk thru the set of the 1980’s movie ‘Popeye’. Sweethaven village, as it is called in the movie, is open all year round and is having a lot of colourful activities for every age, including several shows and boat trips. It is also possible to meet the characters of the movie.

Mellieħa has a lot of coast and beaches which explains why there are so many water activities. Paddling and (wind)surfing on the sea are both very common. For diving are there beautiful areas to go to, like boat wrecks and caves. For the fishermen among us, there is a fishing tour in a traditional Maltese boat. The ferry to Gozo, Malta's sister island, departs and arrives in the Cirkewwa harbour in the North of Mellieha.

When you like history, you should visit the Mellieha Air Raid Shelter. This is a very impressive Shelter which was dug by hand by the population to shelter people for the bombs in World War 2. 

Beaches in Mellieha

In the north-west of Malta are three sandy beaches gnearby each other. Golden Bay is one of them and this is the second popular beach in Malta. Golden Bay has a beautiful light cream colour beach with many facilities. The cliffs near the beach are an excellent place for snorkelling. If you rather go to a more relaxed beach, you should go to Ghajn Tuffieha, the second beach of the three sandy beaches. The beach is only accessible by 200 steep stairs which could be hard in summer. Ghajn Tuffieha is a bit smaller than Golden Bay but has amazing clay slopes. The third beach is Gnejna Bay. This bay is very different than the others because of its beautiful clear waters and orange sand. It is remarkable by its clay stopes and limestone cliffs.

The largest and most popular beach of Malta is Mellieha Bay and lays in the north of Mellieha. You can practise a lot of water sports here, like windsurfing, kitesurfing and water-skiing. This beach is incredibly save for children because there is almost never a rough sea which makes this beach one of the most family friendly beaches in Malta.

Paradise Bay lays close to Cirkewwa, the very north of Malta. This beach is also called the most attractive beach in Malta because of its amazing views and beautiful water. Paradise bay is a popular place for party’s in summer. Armier Bay is one of the quietest beaches in Mellieħa because there are no busses stopping and no hotels nearby. This beach is located in a green area and it is possible to see the other islands Gozo and Comino when swimming in the sea. 

Holiday in Mellieha

Many hotels are located in the beautiful environment of Mellieha. All the beaches are suitable for every age and this supplies also for the activities which are in the area. Whenever you are looking for a relaxing or an active holiday, Melieha will be perfect for you!  

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