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What to do in Malta

The Maltese Islands are tiny when compared to the other members of the European Union. With a population of approximately 450,000, Malta is one of the most densley populated countries in the World, with approximately 1,250 inhabitants per square kilometre.

"Malta is rich in history and culture, it's surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and has excellent weather all throughout the year"

With this statistic well in mind, you can rest assured that there is loads to do in Malta, but this all depends what you are after, i.e. whether you just want to flop and drop under our Meditteranean sun, whether you are an adrelanin junky and you are looking for outdoor sporting activies or maybe under water deep sea diving, or whether you are after the arts and culture in the form of ancient sites, museums, churches, bastions, historical cities,  archeological sites, flee markets, harbour cruises, religous processions, summer festas and more.  In this section you may find a few recommendations, which is updated from time to time on what to do when you are in Malta or Gozo, however do share your experiences with us and we will gladly share with our ever increasing customer base.

What To Do & See In Malta
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