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Diving In Malta

Malta's diving culture has increased considerably over recent years, with numerous PADI Dive schools springing up all over Malta and Gozo. Malta, besides being renowned for its typical Meditteranean climate and warm seas which varies from approximately 15 C in the winter season to 28 C during the summer season, has cemented its reputation in the niche market of diving, with numerous caves and wrecks available for divers, both recreational and technical. Wrecks include submarines, aeroplanes, destroyers, oil tankers and other vessels from the World War II.

"Malta enjoys spectacular underwater topography and interesting marine life with excellent visibility when exceeding 50 metres"

Typical Fish Species that may be found in Maltese waters are :-

Anchovy known locally as Incova or Makku, Angler Fish known locally as Petrica, Barracuda known locally as Lizz, Bogue known locally as Vopa, Blue Damselfish known locally as Cawla, Comber known locally as Burqax, Conger Eel known locally as Gringu, Dorado known locally as Lampuka, Meagre known locally as Gurbell, Morray Eel known locally as Morina, Saupe known locally as Xilpa, Scorpion Fish known locally as Cippullazza, Sea Horse known locally as Ziemel tal-Bahar, Sea Turtle known locally as Fekruna, String Ray known locally as Boll, Swordfish known locally as Pixxispad, Rock Fish or Grouper known locally as Dott tal-Fond, Rainbow Wrasse known locally as Gharusa, White Bream known locally as Sargu and more.

Typical Boat & Shore Dive Locations in Malta, Gozo & Comino:- 

Malta Gozo Comino
Imperial Eagle (Wreck)
Billinghurst Cave Cominotto Reef
Xatt L-Ahmar
Dwejra Point Irqieqa Point
Anchor Bay Fessej Rock Lantern Point
Blenheim Bomber (Wreck) Fungus Rock St Marija Caves
Carolita Barge San Dimitri Point
Cirkewwa Crockodile Rock & Cave  
Delimara Point Double Arch Reef  
Dragonara Cave Ghasri Valley  
Ghar Lapsi Il Kantra  
Delimara Point Mgarr Ix Xini  
Dragonara Cave Reqqa Point  
Ghar Lapsi The Blue Hole Dwejra  
HMS Maori (Wreck) Xlendi Cave & Reef  
Marfa Point    
Merkanti Reef    
St Paul's Islands    
Tugboat Rozi (Wreck)    
UM El Faroud (Wreck)    

Whether you are after shore dives or boat dives, diving is an intimate experience and knowing where to go, with whom to go and how much to pay is also a determining factor in making your diving experience in Malta a memorable one. There are many experienced dive schools and dive instructors in Malta and Gozo whom you can count on, a selected few are found below:-

Scubatech Diving Centre -

Watercolors Diving Centre -

Das Boot Malta -

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